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  • THey guys,

    I see everybody get frustrated about the price and the browser app...

    the problem is only one, if I paid 99$ a year, could I export for different device without any bug or any crash? I mean, I make my game like in construct2, export for iphone or android and see that works without doing nothing... I don't want to search a plugin to do that... etc the app have just to works as I expect with 3 click.

    I'm pretty sure if Ashley do a subscription, we will not have any problem about that... do you know why? because you pay one... if there is the same problem of construct2 (for exporting on mobile or pc, problem with third party...etc) the second time you don't pay and end of the story... everybody will left construct3 (who will pay every year for a software that doesn't work well? nobody)

    so, at the end of the story 99$ a year for the same software with more cool stuff etc... it's good, but the exporter should work perfect without any problem... so, I'm curious how Ashley could follow all of the third party.... nobody will pay a subscription if there is some problem to export the app, ore one day works and the other not, this is for sure.

    anyway, I'm excited about that, and I will buy the first year construct3 for sure, if the exports works as I expect, they can take my 99$ every year and I'm happy about that, if not, just move to another software, pretty easy

  • No software is perfect, so nobody can guarantee that everything will work perfectly, no matter which combination of technologies they use.

    As far as I'm aware, all our export options are working very well and we have thousands of happy customers.

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  • To contribute my own experience so far...

    I think subscription is pretty much the norm now, the few commercial engines that still charge a one time premium, still require you to pay for major upgrades every few years, so to get the latest features/bug fixes, it is effectively a subscription, just one you pay more sporadically. I suspect these engines will move to a subscription basis in the near future anyway... I'm from SEA too, and money is tight, not sure in Vietnam, but here I can subscribe for a month when I can afford to, sometimes I can't so I focus on the art etc. for a while, until I can afford to buy another months subscription.

    Every engine has some reliance on third parties, at the very minimum the operating system and hardware drivers. At the lowest end, would be low level frameworks like SDL, SFML, Allegro and raylib, in the middle engines like Unity, GameMaker, Heaps and Defold, and then engines with a greater dependence on third parties, like Construct, Cocos and RPG Maker. The extra third party dependencies are Chromium, which I really don't see as an issue with companies like Google and now Microsoft invested in it, Cordova for mobile and nw.js for desktop which are potentially a greater concern to me, but for now, they are still actively developed and I don't see them as an issue for a game currently in development.

    As Ashley mentioned, every engine will encounter bugs or issues, but I will say that in my experience the Construct team has been very, very responsive to issues they are able to fix. I think in my short time here I have submitted 4-5 issues and they were all fixed within 48 hours. This is invaluable in my opinion and was a major reason why I decided to switch to Construct. I still have a 'blocking' or 'business critical' issue in another paid engine that was submitted 2 years ago and still hasn't been fixed.

    As for native vs web/hybrid app, it's going to come down to the individual game, in my case performance is good enough for the games I'm making, not light casual games, but not ultra-heavy simulations like Factorio, more on the level of Heroes of Might and Magic or Panzer General. A deciding factor for me, along with the responsive bug fixes, is the sheer speed that the Construct team has been adding new, thoughtfully implemented and useful features to the engine. For a relatively small team I think they are leading the pack, and I believe a large part of that is thanks to the web based engine. Some other engines I have used and paid for, have fallen into stagnation, but now I feel excited because every week or so there is a beta release of Construct with something I actually want to use in my games.

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