Tips for making my first game.

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  • Hey everyone! Haven't posted here in quite some time.

    Disclaimer: A long time ago I used Gamesalad and messed around with C2.

    I by no means am near a pro. I never launched any games online, but spent so much time and money to show up with nothing. Producing a good game is one of my dreams and it hurts that I never pushed through.

    So I'm coming here again with a clean slate. I don't remember much about these engines. (Construct is definitely the bomb!)

    I'd like to make a game similar to "Postknight" on Android. But unique of course.

    See here ->>

    (I'd like to launch on all mobile devices)

    What I'm asking here is, can anyone give me tips? help?

    What should I do before even getting into the programming side etc etc etc.

    Anything I should consider?

    I'm great at Marketing, I know I can get Games noticed. My old Dev company (lol) had 10,000 likes on the fan page from hype alone. We had so many loyal fans.

    Really appreciate you all putting time into reading this. I really wanna make this work. I've got so much on my plate, but I need to do something that's for me! <3

  • Here's some feedback I gave elsewhere on these forums to manage your time... This might prevent you from not completing your game and suffering from scope creep.

    One thing to be wary of is stagnating, its possible you will get tired of doing the same thing with little or no results. I'd recommend also scheduling, but also using a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure).

    List your tasks along with subtasks into manageable time blocks. Then you can try and schedule those blocks when you know time will be available.

    As a simple example, a high score table.

    Many will just list "-Create High Score Table"

    This you can breakdown into:

    -Create High Score Table

    1) Get graphic assets for display 2hr

    2) Get font for display 1hr

    3) Prototype display layout 2h

    4) Write save score event 1h

    5) Write Load score event 1h

    6) Write display score event (*MILESTONE) 2h

    7) Clean up display prototype 2h

    8) Source audio 1h

    9) Add audio 1h

    10) Test 1h

    11) Fix/Test cycle 2h

    12) High Score Table complete

    So, some will say you dont need the detail, but if you only have an hour, go get assets. You can then keep track as to what task you are up to which will make continuing easier.

    Plan it out, sketch some levels, talk to friends for their input.

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  • That's awesome advice!! Thank you heaps :))))

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