Timeline Tags - Where are they?

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  • Hey guys. I am so sorry if this is obvious, but where do I define timeline tags? According to the documentation:

    "A space separated list of identifiers that can be used with a set of Timeline plugin conditions, to identify when a master keyframe has been reached while a timeline is playing."

    I manage to stop an animation by referring to a keyframe tag.But in the image below, how do I stop a specific animation object's animation when it reaches a keyframe. I try mto insert the keyframe tag, but it does not pause...

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  • Ok, finally figured this out - If I am wrong, please correct me:

    For those who need this -> You need to define the tag when you create the action, e.g. when you add an "Play" action, there is an optional tag parameter. I suppose this is there so that you can have multiple instances of a timeline running and control them individually?

  • If you plan on having multiple instances of the same timeline, you need to remember that the only way of doing so is by using the Set Instance action before playing a timeline.

    If you don't, the timeline will always affect the instance(s) that were used in the editor to create it.

    There is an example project in the start page, showing how to use the Set Instance action.

  • Great, thanks for the info!

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