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  • We need a better way to add time to a timeline. Dragging the green line a little, or scrubbing while dragging a keyframe just doesn't cut it. Plus the scroll bar at the bottom is slightly smaller than my patience.

    I think the whole object and gui could use a bit of adjustment and debugging. I've had several crashes that I can't reproduce regularly, and selecting objects if they are small is maddening especially with the angle drag handles.

    An addition I think is needed is a way to get the values from a timeline when you are using it with the MoveTo behavior.

  • Just recently I realised the problem you are having with the total time marker and with dragging keyframes, I was surprised that neither of those things were doing what I thought they should be doing!

    What OS and Browser are you using? Normally we develop in Windows Desktop running Chrome, so the scrollbars are pretty chunky.

    I don't think there is an easy workaround for small objects, you can select the instance in the layout by clicking on it's corresponding track in the Timeline Bar, but the changes need to be made on the instance itself, either by modifying it with the various handles or through the Properties bar, that's just how C3 works.

    Can you explain what you had in mind for the MoveTo behaviour + Timeline, I am imagining an expression, but please explain.

    I'll go look at our error tracking specifically for timeline errors, normally we pay attention to the big offenders and the small ones slip through the cracks.

  • I'm using 10 with Chrome just updated to Version 88.0.4324.150 after that weird incognito bug.

    My issue with using Move-To with Timelines is that there are no triggers when the move to finishes the timeline path.

    As a side note the Move-To "on arrived" trigger is kind of pointless(no pun intended) when using waypoints.

    Every point is a trigger.

    A possible remedy for both issues is a system that uses indexed points.

  • I like the fact that every waypoint is a trigger - it allows you to change animations and do other things. You can add another condition "MoveTo is moving" to determine if it is at the last waypoint or not.

  • Don't make me point out that the moving angle remains the same after it stops.

    I think I'm using that "feature".

    Anyway with an index you would know which point it was at and you could use different animations.

    Provided you have expressions and triggers for the current index, and point count.

  • well, if the object isn't moving, then the moving angle doesn't mean anything. The fact that it stays the same after it stops is useful and lets you know what direction it was coming from, allowing you to set the objects angle accordingly.

    I do like the idea of it having an index indicating which waypoint it is heading towards. Although it would be easy to add an instance variable and increment it at each point.

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  • It doesn't do that with Bullet, but then again its an angle based movement.

    Anyway I just want a reliable spline that doesn't require a days worth of coding to put to good use.

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