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  • I'm still pretty new to Construct in general and I'm trying different things to see how I want to design my game. One of the things I am toying with using is a tile map in C3.

    As a test I imported a sheet of tile images with the whole image being 1728 × 1280 and each tile 32x32 into the TileMap object. I know I might not need an image that has this many tiles, but I wanted to get a sense of how to use tile maps.

    I am able to pick a tile and draw it on the screen without any issues. My problem comes in that I can only see a portion of the tile image to select tiles from in the tile map tab. I can't scroll the window to see more of the image. I can resize it a little and see more of the image to select additional tiles.

    So I was wondering if this normal and I'm just using an image that is too big or should I be able to scroll the image so I can get to all parts of it. I definitely appreciate any feedback.

    I am on a mac running chrome.

  • You should have scrollbars. (i do)

    But i do agree that ....

    CTRL + mouse wheel could zoom in tilemap window.

    SPACE + dragging mouse MUST drag (also) the tilemap window.

  • I don't see scroll bars on my mac in chrome

  • Scroll bars tend to be hidden in OSX if the pointer is not on top of them. So maybe that is why you are not seeing them.

    Right now you can scroll through the whole image by pressing the middle mouse button on top of it and moving the mouse around. This might be a problem if you don't have a middle mouse button thought, so I should implement another method to do that.

  • I'll give that a shot. I'm not near my mac book pro right now. Also you are right I don't have a middle mouse button, just the track pad.

    I'll let you know if I can get the scroll bars.

    Thank you.

  • Just tried it out in our Mac Book Pro, and it definitely doesn't work.

    I'll have to fix this one. Hopefully it won't be too much of a hassle.

  • Thank you for checking into this so quickly.

    You guys are doing a great job working through the beta issues...

  • Do you want me to enter a bug for this ?

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  • I did file a bug, 464

    Thanks again for looking into this..

  • Oh cool, yeah I forgot to mention that.

    If you want us to look into something it is better to file a bug. It is more difficult to keep track of messages in the forum.

  • DiegoM

    Why is SPACE + dragging mouse not working in the Tile Window ?

  • Because it is not implemented.

  • Any chance you would consider it ?

  • I need to check if C2 works that way.

    If it does, I will probably try to add it in the coming days. Having parity with C2 features is one of our main goals at this stage.

    If C2 doesn't do it, then it means it's a new minor feature, so I would probably let it slide a bit into the future.

  • Then the answer will be 'no'. And there will be still no 'handy' way to scroll the tiles while painting with them. After all, it should be a intuitive painting tool. I you would watch an 'artist' using it, you would feel the pain.

    Ty 4 your (extra) time.

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