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  • Hello everybody

    I'am a lone developer who makes games mainly for mobile platforms and I'am interested in switching to using construct 3. I currently use a program called Stencyl and while its a great it just doesn't have the support or features that Construct has. I have been looking around the website and reading the forums to try and get an idea of what Construct 3 is capable of but I was wondering if anybody currently using it might be able to clear up a few questions I have before I decide to make the switch or not.

    1. With regards to mobile assets and scaling, can I just upload the assets at one scale and Construct will scale the assets accordingly?

    2. What is the state of mobile ads at the moment? I have seen some comments on the forums that iOS ads are a little unstable at the moment due to GDPR (mainly admod I think but iOS and admob have always been my most profitable combo)

    3. When publishing to iOS do I have to export to Xcode first and compile there or is Construct capable of producing the .ipa

    4. Are there any other Construct 3 pitfalls I should know about before jumping in?

    Also if anybody else here has made the switch from Stencyl to Construct, I would be interested to know their experiences

    Thanks for taking the time to read this



  • 1. No, unless you mean scaling in real time draining precious CPU/GPU usage

    2. Don't know this one so I can't say, sorry

    3. Also do not know, can't say, sorry

    4. It's probably a much better time than Stencyl, definitely a better workflow and possibly a better selection of export options

  • 1. Construct handles scaling just fine, just make your assets at a size that doesn't loses too much quality when scaled up or down.

    2. Ads on iOS arent working at 100% right now because of the GDPR changes but I'm sure scirra is working hard to fix it.

    3. When making an iOS game Construct3 can export it as a xcode project and then you open it in Xcode on your mac to produce the ipa.

    4. Construct uses web technology (HTML5/javascript) wich is constantly evolving at quite a fast pace and this obviously brings some cons but pros as well.

    Personally I'm excited to see what kind of performance and other improvements Constructs new runtime brings when it is ready for "live" use.

    I do own a full set of GameMaker Studio 2 and Clickteam Fusion 2.5 but Construct3 is so much faster and easier (and fun) to use so the other 2 aren't even installed on my computer right now.

    Don't know if this will help you make a decision, good luck any way with what evver you choose :)

  • Hi Jayjay

    Thanks for the help. By scaling I was hoping to find out if Construct would scale my game automatically to fit different screen sizes. With Stencyl I can import my assets at either 1x 2x 3x or 4x and it will generate the assets at the other sizes for me and use whichever is most appropriate for the screen size of the device its running on.

    This saves me having to produce the assets myself and I'm hoping that Construct works in a similar way. As I understand it as long as I design my game at any 16:9 resolution It will automatically be called up or down to fit the screen size - does anybody know if this is correct?

    Hi MonDieu

    Thanks for the info thats great. The thing thats most attracting me to Construct is the Web technology that its built on, I definitely think that HTML5 is going to play a huge part in the future of gaming and Construct seems to have most of the bases covered in terms of export options.

    The iOS ads not working is a big thing but I can understand that as GDPR screwed everyone. One of the reasons I'm looking to switch engines is that Stencyl is having the same problem but I don't really feel like its even being addressed over there.

    I really like Stencyl because of the speed at which I can get stuff done so its good to hear you feel the same about Construct.


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  • Construct 2 will "scale" in real time, so your sprites are stretched to fit the screen, if you want it to, but this is not a permanent / baked effect. So every frame it'll be re-rendering the textures scaled to the desired size(s).

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