Things you wish you knew/best practices?

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  • Hello, I got myself a licence for Construct 3 today (after creating stuff with the trial) and thought I should ask some questions before I delve deeper into this.

    I have previous experience with several languages/engines/frameworks for making games and usually manage to produce something, I'm hoping c3 is where I will make something I can be truly proud of.

    I have developed games with GLBasic, Love2d, Stencyl, Clickteam Fusion 2.5, Gamemaker etc and almost every time I get that "I wish I knew this from the start" thing after I have spent hours on a project and have to scrap it/change loads of stuff because I didn't foresee problems before they occur.

    So, what are some things you wish you knew before you started projects in Construct 3? What are some best practices that I should get into the habit of doing? Anything you wish someone pointed out/warned you about?

    If anyone would like to check out my previous game (made with GMS2) please feel free to have a look on - I put quite a bit of effort into it and it only got 6 downloads, 3 of which I suspect were from the same person haha.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Well to be honest with you The best advice I could give is to start small.

    Plan what the end game is and give yourself steps to complete it.

    Construct 3 isn't everything but what it does it does well.

  • Reading the manual :

    And reading it again.

    And keeping it close to check on references while developing.

    And with a bit more experience, read it again to refresh your memory and learn/understand new things.

    The manual does contain a dedicated article on best practices.

    Saving often, saving new instances of your c3p file (not overwriting over and over again in case anything happens).

    As mentioned otherwise, start small, and add more complexity as you go/manage it.

  • Making mistakes is part of the process and practice is important you can't be the best by doing nothing or copying others or follow advice without making your own mistakes

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