Is it theoretically possible to have a tilemap with tiles that are z-axis independent?

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  • Wherein you could move a single tile from one layer to the next while the other tiles remain at their innate z index?

    Example case: Imagine you have a tilemap object in a layer above another tilemap object, but you wanted to place a tile from the above layer below the other tilemap.

    In a normal case, I'd expect the player to duplicate the above tilemap object and place it below the other tilemap, like so:

    Above Tilemap

    Below Tilemap

    Above Tilemap (Copy)

    I'm assuming tiles automatically retain the z index property of the tilemap, but could this somehow be modified so that the tiles are "liberated"?

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  • Unfortunately I can't answer your question but boy, I'd love a 3d tilemap object. I can't stop thinking about it since the addition of the new 3d shapes. That would be such a great addition for so many of my games (mostly grid based puzzle games).

  • That's an interesting point, a 3d tilemap is essentially what I'm inquiring about, now that I think about it.

  • I suppose the strict answer is no.

    But you could easily simulate it with multiple instances of the tilemap object, as you already described.

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