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  • I would like to thank the creator and developer of C3.

    You are doing a great job, and you are for me the best of all!

    Your software is stable and very powerful but also very easy to use.

    Your very numerous updates (at least one per week)

    make you a gas factory.

    That's why I renewed my subscription to C3.

    Although I haven't gone out and sold any games yet, I don't find

    this wasted money because I believe in you.

    I'm very happy with you, thank you!

    Nevertheless, I'm very sorry that you still haven't corrected

    the problems due to the canvas, it bothers me a lot, just so you know!

    I know that the problem is very complicated as you say, although I don't understand why it's so hard...

    C3 is effectively biting the dust on the other engines.

    For it is far superior (at least for me).

    Your very numerous updates and bug fixes, proves the quality of your work.

    You are the hardest team I know for that :D

    Your scripting system (Although I know nothing about it), makes your software still

    more powerful, no limit than our imagination (And knowledge of course ^^)

    I hope you still have plenty of good surprises in store for us!

    PS: Are you going to leave the software all the time paying by subscription ?


    Je tien à remercier les créateur et développeur de C3.

    Vous faites de l'excellent travail, et vous êtes pour moi les meilleurs de tous !

    Votre logiciel est stable et très puissant mais aussi très facile d'utilisation.

    Vos très nombreuses mise à jour (Une par semaine au moins)

    font de vous une usine à gaz.

    C'est pour tous ça que j'ai renouvelé mon abonnement à C3.

    Bien que je n'est pas encore sortis et vendus de jeux, je ne trouve pas

    cet argent gaspillé car je crois en vous.

    Je suis très content de vous, merci !

    Néanmoins, je regrette beaucoup que vous n'ayez toujours pas corriger

    les problème dû aux canevas, cela m'ennuis beaucoup sachez-le !

    Je sais que le problème est très compliqué comme vous le dites, bien que moi, je ne comprenne pas pourquoi c'est si dur…

    C3 fais effectivement mordre la poussière aux autres moteurs.

    Car il est de loin supérieur (En tous les cas pour moi).

    Vos très nombreuse mise à jour et correction de bug, prouve la qualité de votre travaille.

    Vous êtes l'équipe la plus acharnée que je connaisse pour ça :D

    Votre système de script (Bien que j'y connaisse rien), rend votre logiciel encore

    plus puissant, nul limite que notre imagination (Et la connaissance bien sur ^^)

    J'espère que vous nous réserver encore pleins de bonne surprises !

    PS: Allez vous laisser le logiciel tous le temps payant en abonnement ?

  • Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you're enjoying C3!

    Nevertheless, I'm very sorry that you still haven't corrected the problems due to the canvas

    I'm not sure what you're referring to here. Could you explain some more? Obviously we'd like to correct any problems where we can, but some things are fundamental limitations or otherwise out of our control.

  • The problem of copying the image of a canvas object when there are effects on it, let's talk about it!

  • Any response ?

  • It sounds like you're talking about this issue. There are details there.

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  • Yes, it's a real problem!

    Because it's very useful to copy an image of an object, with or without effects!

    I don't know why it's so complicated...

    What's so complicated about copying an image of an object that has effects?

    Please, try to do something, I don't know, make another object?

  • See this blog on the effect compositor I wrote a while back, and remember that all of that is written with low-level OpenGL commands like these.

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