Thank U Bad Wolf (Chris Verberne) for Gifting me C3 License

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  • I would like to thank Bad Wolf (Chris Verberne) who has recently Gifted me Construct 3 Personal License.

    I was needing this license because i can't afford it, when my salary is to low

    I remember last time 1 year back when i purchase construct 2 license I have paid my 1 month salary and later faced financial crises. So I don't want to do this again.

    Somewhere on forum i have post to scirra that i can't afford C3 please provide app build system in Construct 2.

    I think they did not see but may be Chris has seen that and he messaged me that he will give me that license.

    Chris likes my Youtube Tutorials on Construct 2 and 3 So he decided to gift me C3 License.

    I was praying to God "God please help me, Please do something" and its like God has just sent him for me.

    Now i have license and i have started making ready my to do list

    i have to work on some already published Play store games and on some tutorials.

    Thanks Chris

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  • Dear Lucky,

    No need to thank me, you earned this licence by creating those tutorials.

    Wish you very much success and all the best for the future.

    You are welcome.


  • You are a kind person, good job Badwolf.

  • You are a kind person, good job Badwolf.

    Seconded. Good to see some love on the forum for once

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