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  • Hey,

    This is more of a question for the devs, but after reading the newest blog I found myself wondering: Will it be possible to assign objects textures in C3, rather than relying on blend modes and overlapping objects?

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  • I don't think I understand this question. A sprite is a textured object.

  • Do you mean like layered sprites?

    Sprite + a layer on top with a texture?

    I doubt it, but it would be a nice feature, especially if you want to color sprites in different color versions.

    Sprite with a layers, which has blend modes for each layer... i like the concept. Especially if every layer had a nice little button to use layer 0 alpha.

  • Do you mean texture mapping?

  • tunepunk



    I would love to be able to have a collection of bare shapes (anything I could make in the editor or import) and just select images to pattern over the top. For me, the benefit would be being able to have nontraditionally shaped objects (i.e. not squares/triangles etc.) with textured patterns, which is something I'm doing now with lots of blending...which is cumbersome. I imagine it working similarly to a tiled background object, only maybe with frames you could select for the pattern. Perhaps it could even have parameters for whether or not you'd like the image to "warp" slightly around the edges of your object.


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