What does 'TextEncoder' is not defined mean?

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  • I am very new to construct so I'm just getting the hang of it. But there is this popup I always get whenever I save and it is quite annoying. I have no clue what it is saying because I never scripted or did any game making in the past. Also I don't know if it is making my saves not work. If someone can help me get rid of it or at least describe to me what it means I would greatly appreciate it.

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  • What version/platform are you running on?

    There was a bug on Edge based platforms that prevented the recent projects list from being updated, which occurs when projects are opened or saved. It should be resolved in the current beta version.

  • The current version I was running was r120 but now I'm on r129 so hopefully it is fixed. Also the platform that I was using was Microsoft edge that that also could be the problem.

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