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  • Hello friend i'm learning to use Dictionary for text exclusion. Thank you in advance for reading this and may be give some advice.Let's say i have a text object called "carsOUT" which displays multiple independent text depending the users choice. I would like to record some displayed text from this object to a dictionary for example Banana,Apple,Orange. Later i would like to compare "carsOUT" text to the dictionary saved text and if the value match display something as action. So for example if "carsOUT" displays "apple" again and if the dictionary contains" apple" then trigger something. The image is just an illustration but does not work.

  • CurrentValue and "Compare current value" condition can only be used inside of "For each key" loop.

    So to check if the dictionary has "apple" you need to do this:

    Dictionary For each key
    Compare current value =carsOut.Text
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  • Thank you :)

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