text editor auto-formatting slowdown in large files

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  • Not sure whether this should be filed under bugs or suggestions, but with really large JSON files, the auto-formatting in the editor creates a lot of lag that makes simple things such as highlighting sections really painful.

    I'm working with a 30,000 line JSON file and there's a 3-4 second lag whenever I want to highlight a section of text. I can tell it's the auto-formatting as when I copy in a large section from an external file, about half doesn't get auto-formatted (until being beautified) and this section can be selected with zero lag.

    I'm aware I can work in an external editor and reload if I'm using project saves (which I'm not), but this is more of a hassle I feel as it's extra steps again.

    Ideally, an option in the settings to disable auto-formatting would be handy here, unless there's already that option somewhere and I'm missing it.

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