Testing on older devices, webgl not supported

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  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to test my app on different devices so bought an old acer tablet running Android 5.1 as this is the lowest I will support.

    I've now found out it won't run my game as it doesn't run webgl??? I tried updating as per below.

    I set the runtime back to Construct 2 which uses canvas 2d and my game ran but was all messed up.

    What are we supposed to do as I want to support older devices?

    Do all android 5.1 phones/tablets not support webgl?

    Do I buy every tablet/phone??

    Do I redo my game in Construct 2 runtime and somehow have 2 .apks on googleplay?

    Do I now only support android 6+/7+/8+???


  • It looks like the device has a broken graphics driver.

    According to GSMArena it's a 4-year-old device with an Intel chip, which is fairly unusual. If the graphics driver doesn't work the browser disables WebGL support, which the C3 runtime now requires. If canvas2d in the C2 runtime looks glitchy, that's a strong sign it's a graphics driver problem.

    Other Android 5.x devices should be fine. In theory it could be fixed on that device with a software update, but given the age of the device that seems unlikely now.

  • Ok thanks for the reply, I'll just sell this on.

    Is there a favoured tablet running 5.1 to test on?


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  • Hi i got this problem once, finally i can help in something xd

    Open your project, go to your project properties, in the advanced option change runtime from C3 to C2.

    But, if you added "Text" objects having runtime in c3 you will not be able to change to c2 runtime (because BBCode is not supported on C2).

    The solution to change the runtime is deleting all text objects, after that you could change to c2 runtime.

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