Testing iAP - clear previous non-consumable purchases?

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  • Nepeo

    Im currently testing the C3 MobileIAP plugin.

    When I make a test purchase of a non-consumable product, that item remains 'purchased' for all future test apks. Is there a way to clear non-consumable purchases? To set them back to an un-purchased state, so I can retest?

    Back in the day, one of the old third party IAP plugins had an action to 'consume product'.

    So after testing a non-consumable purchase, you could set up a separate button to fire an action to 'consume' that product, and it would be treated as if it was consumable and used up... the result being your non-consumable product would be set back to a pre-purchased state, and you could test and retest purchasing that item.

    There's no way I can achieve this with MobileIAP plugin? There's no 'consume' action... anyone got a workaround?

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  • Bump Nepeo

    Still looking for a solution / work around for this if anyone has any advice.

    Just to restate this issue:

    Is it possible to clear a non-consumable purchase on Android, or set it back to an 'un-purchased' state, so I can retest the purchase of that item multiple times.

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