Have to tap once before touch works (iPad specific, C2 Runtime)

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  • This one took me a while to file down, as I thought Cordova would be a factor..

    I've been seeing an issue with my testers when, after init, they must tap once before any touch input is recognized. I eventually found it was happening only on iPads (but not iPhones), which is interesting. Looking further, I see that its C2 Runtime related and reproducible in Remote Preview, without Cordova.

    So, I'm seeing that touch input isn't working until the user taps somewhere at least once in the following conditions:

    - Construct r164.2

    - C2 Runtime

    - iPad Air 2 (12.4.1)

    - Remote Preview w/ latest Chrome (or PG/Cordova, doesn't matter)

    So, an iPhone 6+ w/C2 Runtime, for example doesn’texhibit the issue. Switch to C3 runtime and the issue goes away. It's pretty interesting that it seems to be iPad specific and reproducible in Remote Preview. I can repro this in a HelloWorld click test, attached.

    Any ideas for mitigation or workaround?

    I want to continue using C2 runtime for just a bit longer for my global user base and their varying iOS levels, as my app is courseware and not performance intensive. If this would be considered a defect, I can file a bug for the old runtime but am interested in any workaround ideas from the community.

    Here is an example project but its simply a click test, nothing else.


    Thanks! -Steve

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  • just tried it on my iPhone and iPad (5th generation) and got the same results.

    I would file a bug report with that sample file.

  • Will do, AllanR. Thanks for testing! If you don't mind sharing the iPhone/iPad you tested, I'll add that to the report. My iPad is an Air 2 but I suspect this would occur on others.

    And, if anyone has workaround ideas, please chime in.

  • my iPhone is a 5s, the iPad is a 5th generation iPad.

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