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  • Hi,

    I was a Construct 2 user since 2013 and recently bought a C3 personal license.

    And, I have started to work with C3 a couple of days ago but there are 2 problems.

    1) It takes too much time to load the top page.

    2) And Preview takes too long to see. Even the simplest layout with a sprite and 2~3 events takes 3 minutes to launch preview.

    I am located in South Korea but the home page performance was quite good until I started use C3.

    I don't know if those 2 symptoms are linked but anyway it is painful for me.

    Could it be improved in the future?


    • Vanz.
  • I have a pretty large project and it previews in seconds.

    This sounds like an issue with your setup. What machine specs? What type of preview? Sure you hard drive isn't full?

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I use i7-4790 3.60GHz with 16Gb of RAM. And more than 100Gb of space in C drive.

    I also tested with other Laptops including Surface Pro with the same result.

    I think it's not about the spec of PC but other reason I can't guess.

    Maybe is it linked to internet speed that connects to Scirra site?

    Do I need to make a connection to Scirra site when I try to make a preview?

    I don't know but if it is, then it explains slow preview since it takes a lot of time to connect Scirra recently.

  • Ok. Not your set up then.

    Using chrome?

    You Still have issue in off line mode?

    What about on your phone?

    I use off line a lot and also surface pros and still previews in seconds.

    You don't need to connect for local preview.

    Maybe some plug in or settings (like you are clearing storage on close or something) or internet security screwing around. Dunno.

    Reinstall chrome maybe, clear everything and use default settings.

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  • Thank you very much once again!

    I think your suggestions gave me great inspiration to solve my case.

    Internet security including Firewalls, Or check Chrome's setting, clear cache...

    Yes, I have a hunch that some of these can cause my preview problem.

    I will try all of these and update in this post.

  • I have resolved this issue.

    I have cleared browser cache and after a while, preview functionality became normal.

    It does not take a long time to preview now.

    Thank you very much for your help, NetOne.

    • Vanz
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