Switching to the C3 Runtime mid project

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  • I've quickly tested my game during a few different alpha versions of the new runtime to see what happens. The last stable patch, the game ran fine, but once I moved with 8dir, the game would just crash. Now in this current stable patch, I can move around without it crashing, but certain elements of the game are just straight up broken and don't work.

    So my question to Ashley is:

    1. Being that the runtime is a complete rewrite, is there any code that would be deleted by switching from the c2 to c3 runtime (in other words, if you have a static variable and use that static variable, deleting it will also delete the events that utilize it; does something like that happen with the runtime?)

    2. I understand it's not fully released yet, and could potentially be a bug, but is there any typical construct coding practices that will no longer work, or will need to be changed/thought of differently?

    I think the C3 runtime will be immensely useful in our game, but I want to make sure there's nothing obvious I'm doing incorrectly before I spend a lot of time debugging to see what's not working.

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  • From what i understand from a coding standpoint it should be seamless and the c3 runtime should behave like the c2 one.

    I recently switched my project over and it also broke it. In my case it turned out that under c3 runtime comparing opacity was not working. I filed a bug report and its been fixed for next release.

    Its a pain but the quickest way to get the new runtime to a stable release is to try to figure out why your game isn't working and file a bug report so it can be fixed, and considering all the features are now complete its just a matter of fixing those remaining bugs. The new c3 runtime debugger helps.

  • In short, the answers are no and no. If something doesn't work, please file a bug report following all the guidelines. If you get a JavaScript error it should be straightforward to fix. If it doesn't show an error but just doesn't work the same, it can be harder to work out what's going on. If you follow the guide in the bug report information about reducing it to a minimal project for the bug report, that is a huge help.

  • Understood! Thank you!!

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