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  • Hi , Is there a way to play a svg Animation ?

    I create the animation with inkscape with some layers , save a svg file

    I went to: imported the file

    and play and exported the svg animation

    I imported this file into c3 and played it with iframes

    But when inporting to normal svg object it doesnt play the animation

    it seems very lighter comparing with normal sprite animation as you can see in the imagememoryusage , and when playing with iframe it is almost 0 imagememoryUsage

    file with project

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  • I think the SVG picture does not support animations.

    Iframe and SVG picture work with different methods (Just my imagine).

    - SVG picture: convert SVG file to 2D rasterized texture, you can deform, add effect, edit etc.

    - Iframe: it is a browser "tab" that use the browser HTML render engine to show an SVG file you cannot modify with construct's tools.

  • Hi nyuszi008 ,

    Yes c3 currently does not support it ,

    so Im wondering if there is any way to make this work ,since svg animations work in layers .

    and yes iframe works differently , i just showed that the same svg file contains an animation in it like ( gif ) images.

    Even though C3 convert SVG file to 2D rasterized texture it could keep the animation on it.

    Because the c3 animation editor doesnt have many tools , so we must have to use other tools outside of construct to make graphics and animations , and for me that uses SVG it would be amazing to keep the animation in the file .

  • Just export the layers as frames. Trying to rasterize at runtime is not process cost effective, or performant, that's why it doesn't do that. If it was we sure as heck wouldn't be using svg for fame type animation anyway. We would use it to interpolate the splines for real animation.

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