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  • Dear Construct Support Team,

    Currently we are using the paid version of Construct 3 to build the games, however, our game is having some issues on Android and iOS browsers, we predict this error belongs to Construct 3’s fault.

    Error 1 (chrome browser on Android): we have a problem with the full screen button, when clicking on the full screen button it doesn't work as expected (details in attached image)

    Error 2 (chrome browser on iOS): we had problems with horizontal rotation, sometimes the game went full screen, sometimes it didn't. (details attached)

    We also include the source code and the link of the running game

    Please help us check the above errors, thank you very much for your support

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  • These errors are usually actually browser errors, not problems with Construct itself. Construct uses the entire available view area, but if the browser tells Construct the wrong size, then the display will appear at the wrong size.

    The first issue appears to be a Chrome bug I already filed here. I'm not aware of an issue on iOS. It's difficult to tell what's going on without more information, which is why we ask issues are filed here following the guidelines.

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