Suggestions for easier multiplayer testing?

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  • I'm working on a multiplayer app.

    2 Questions...

    First, is there an easy way (or any) to run as a peer in debug mode? Short of outputting text values :)


    In order to test it I have to do the following:

    1) Run Remote Preview and copy the URL

    2) Open a web browser and paste the URL

    3) Open another web browser and paste the URL again.

    4) Log in to window1 as P1 (I don't have a problem with this one)

    5) Log in to window2 as P2 (I don't have a problem with this one)

    6) Test away.

    It just seems soooo tedious every time I want to test it to keep opening the windows. I can't really keep the two test windows open as it slows things down too much.

    I could use another PC if I had to.

    I just wondered if there was a better way that I'm not aware of.

    FWIW: I run on a Mac, and I use Chrome for C3, open a Safari for window test 1 and a Firefox for Window test 2.

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  • I like to change the settings so that preview windows are opened as new windows instead of new tabs, and then

    1. Open 2 separate chrome windows

    2. Load project on both

    3. Run preview on both

    It's still kind of cumbersome. If you're only adjusting and testing code that happens on the peer's end, you can just leave the Host running while you tinker and re-preview the peer repeatedly

    C2 runtime doesn't require the host's window to be open, but for some reason C3 does. It would be nice if we could run the Host from a minimized tab again

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