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  • Hi Scirra team & all forum members,

    I'm a professional C2 teacher located at Taiwan(yeah~ I make my living by teaching Construct 2). Before I start to put my suggestions, I think I should address my major achievements all the way.

    1. Construct 2 Textbook in Chinese:

    2. Teaching C2 in 3 university/college

    3. Online courses series in Chinese:

    4. 8 tutorials on Scirra website (including a multiplayer tutorial with capx using offical MP plugin)

    5. 3 products in Scirra store (including Easy Module Series, now on popular items page)

    6. Helped bunch of students to finished final projects, some early works could be find here:


    I'm excited to hear about any news about C3. Considering my promotion experiences in Asia, I have the following suggestions:

    1. $99USD/year had crossed the limit for a newbie here, but acceptable for professional studio/indie. This price will move the balance of newbie/pro ratio.

    2. If a powerful FREE version is available, the user base could rise further. (Actually, after our striving in these years, it's just start here) I personally would be happy to see a <true full-featured + forced splash> C3 FREE version.


    Oh yes, there is one more thing: I don't use IntelXDK because its extra slow compared packing apps locally using node.js + Cordova. And I also use NWJS + serialport plugin to use C2 to control my Arduino on COM port. I hope these are still valid on C3.

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