Suggestion: Improve the manual entry for "keyboard"

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  • Hi!

    I suggest the Construct team to provide an in-depth information for keycodes in the C3 keyboard manual entry. If you have a SmartTV and a remote, or a keyboard with multimedia shortcuts at hand when you are programming, you can enter the special keys for MediaTrackPrevious, MediaTrackNext, FastForward, VolumeUp and so on, but if you don't have a multimedia-enabled keyboard at hand when you are programming your app (maybe you're doing it in your phone or tablet), you need a list of special keycodes at hand.



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  • Aren't Keycodes universal?

  • Imagine you are programming in a computer which has no "PLAY" key and you want to create an event triggered by the "PLAY" key in a TV.

    You need to know the keycode for "PLAY".

    They are references for javascript keycodes on the web (the first result of google does not display info for multimedia keys, though).

    Anyway, a keycode list in the manual entry for the keyboard object would be nice.

    Also, some special info on keycodes for non-standard entries should be nice, too. Such as "The ok button on remotes sends ENTER".

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