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  • "Visual plugins (e.g. Sprite) appear in the layout and draw something to the screen.

    Hidden plugins (e.g. Array) are placed in a particular layout, but do not draw anything to the screen.

    Project-wide plugins (e.g. Mouse, Audio) are added to the entire project, and can only be added once."


    the problem:

    if for example i want to have a family with just the pin behavior, i cannot place there a sprite font, a sprite and a spriter object.

    but i can add a pin behavior for each of this objects individually.

    i suggest another type of family that is not plugin based, it will lose the plugins, actions and conditions.

    but it would share the behaviors / instance variable / effects.

    you start by creating your family and adding sprites as usual ,if you then try to add a sprite font to the mix a warning will appear.

    it will state that it will lose its sprite actions and conditions (delete them from the event sheets).

    and will only keep its family behaviors / instance variable / effects and transform properties (if its a visual plugin).

    you cannot place 2 objects from different plugin-type (Visual|Hidden|Project-wide) in family

    its probably a lot to ask, but im sure heavy users will love to have this

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