I suggest adding a new plugin "Straight Lasso"

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  • Photoshop has a function "Straight Lasso"

    Information is recorded here too

    You can select different areas in the image using this function and "define the pattern", that is, you can fill a seamless texture inside the selected area, and make a lot of things very conveniently, quickly and beautifully.

    For example, as in the screenshots, you can clearly see it.

    I suggest developers add a similar plugin to Construct 3.

    A similar feature can be seen in Construct 3 as "Mesh" but "Mesh" is too tight.

    We need a more flexible and costly tool to create our maps.

    Dear friends, if you work with the design of your cards, then you know that "TeliMap" or something else is extremely not dynamic and too inconvenient for revolutionary games.

    Have you played "Angry Birds" games?

    Have you seen how beautiful the levels look?

    All this can also be implemented using Construct 3 by adding the "Straight Lasso" function


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  • You can do this with a tiled background and a blending mode "mask".

  • You can do this with a tiled background and a blending mode "mask".

    "Mesh" doesn't fit a bit.

  • You can do something like this with mesh and mask

  • This would be amazing. The masked approached always seems like an inconvenient workaround to me. This is the proper way things should be done with a lot of benefits. Other engines have it, Construct is always doing workarounds.

  • mOOnpunk You're right, this would be amazing

    RASHID_AB You can do this:



    Demo online

  • We can draw polygons in Drawing Canvas, so in theory we should be able to do a run-time lasso by drawing a poly, and then using a mesh as the collision poly using the poly points.

    Its somewhat complicated though.

  • My dears, thank you very much for your answers and for your examples))) But still, you don't think it would be cool to create an excellent function with tools like in Photoshop?

    Personally, it seems to me that construct 3 would become known outside galaxies if new tools were added there, because there would be more space for creating new things that are even more interesting, don't you think so?)

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