Strange Chrome Behaviour

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    I just purchased C3 and am trying to use it on chrome on my Surface laptop with the keyboard plugged in, for some reason when adding events the refresh and back buttons keep getting pressed and I'm constantly being sent back to a page before construct and loosing all of my work, anyone else seen this?

    Surface Laptop? or

    Surface Book? or

    Surface Pro with Type Keyboard?

    Surface Pro with other keyboard?

    I ask because

    1. Didn't think you could detach keyboard from surface Laptop.

    2. If you have Book then there are a lot of documented issues with keyboards not docking well and misbehaving.

    3. I've been using construct 3 on Pros with the type keyboards with no issues.

    4. If u are using other keyboard there could be blutooth issues. Also if using usb keyboard a usb cable touching the screen will set off touches.

    Surface Pro 4 with the official keyboard cover, and yeah usually no issue. I have a mouse with me today so will try it again.

    I've been having similar issues after the update. Adding events or conditions often (not quite always, I think it might only happen with some of them) causes Chrome to ask if I want to stay on page, or just instantly throws me to google with Construct as the next page. This also happens regardless of whether I doubleclick, use 'Next' - button or enter.

    I'm on Windows 10 pc. I didn't have this issue pre-update, and it doesn't happen on Firefox (other issues on Firefox, though).

    Here is a video of it in action:

    For me it happens every time, the program is unusable which is a shame as I'm excited to use it!

    Yeah, actually after trying a few more random conditions it does seem to happen every time. It's the exact same thing as on that video.

    Do we need to update Chrome perhaps? How does one do that? I thought it was automatic

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    Ok , I was using last night (v55?) (Surface Pro 4 with Type Cover) but I had it docked and was using mouse (plugged to docking station). Had no discernible issues.

    Will try tonight a few alt configurations to see whats up....

    I don't think it's a Surface issue

    Chrome should be up to date yeah.

    I reverted to R54 and the issue disappeared.

    Yep rolled back to previous version and issue is no longer there.

    Messed around for about 20 mins

    made a little shooty game.

    No issues like this

    surface pro 4 tried with official type keyboard no issues (using trackpad only), win 10 construct 3 r55 chrome v60 & v61


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