Stealth game example is broken

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  • I have noticed that the 'Stealth game example' under 'Advanced Examples' isn't working properly. When the game starts, the guards just move to the first wayward points and stop. I can't figure out why it isn't working properly.

  • Pretty strange. The grid movement target is one cell short of it's next waypoint upon start of layout, but I don't know why either. After aggroing them and resetting to patrol state, it works perfectly fine...

  • I have tried to work out how to fix the problem, but can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone please help?

  • There's something going on at event #13; when you change that TileMovement action from "Animate" to"Instant", the guards do move to the next waypoints (way too fast, of course).

    I don't have enough experience with this behaviour to figure out what's stopping the Animate mode from continuing.

  • I checked old versions - the stealth game was released in R212, and works fine in that version and R213.

    In version R214, it stops working. That version "fixed" a bug with tile movement:

    "Tile movement: move back to previous tile if movement blocked by outside factors (e.g. Bound to Layout)"

    so obviously that change affected this game somehow.

  • Spent several hours trying to work out the issue. It has me completely stumped. Any suggestions?

  • I put up a bug report, it's being looked into.

  • I was doing more testing when you posted about the bug report... I added this comment on what I found:

    Further testing I did showed that on the first tick of the game (tick 0), each guard got the correct target waypoint to the next waypoint (since they start on a waypoint). Tick 1 they still have the correct GridTargetX and Y, on Tick 2 the GridTargetX is changed (even though no actions were executed). They all arrive at the "new" target coordinates and stop - just not on the next intended waypoint, so they do not get further instructions.

    For Guard Id 1, his GridTargetX was changed from 41 to 40. He then stops at that spot, 1 grid step away from the next waypoint.

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  • ok, more testing and I found a temporary work around - just don't give any tilemovement orders until after a few ticks of the game running. Something is still happening under the hood for the first couple of ticks when the layout starts. (I didn't test restarting a layout or going to another layout)

    adding another condition to event 14 makes it work fine:

    system compare two values -> TickCount > 2

  • You are a legend. Thanks.

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