8 Stages in 1 Layout ∙∙∙VS∙∙∙ X Stages in 8 Layouts?

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  • Hey All,

    As I'm still working on the design of my first official game, I'm still learning Construct 3 and have much more to learn and understand.

    Since my question is specific for my game I'll give some information so you can understand and share your opinion and suggestions.

    1 - My game is based on half-HD resolution = 640x360 using full screen by default.

    Means it's not so heavy for most modern PCs compare to heavier resolutions.

    2 - Each level will be placed on 1 room, which is based on 640x360, no scrollable stages.

    3 - Each room is random generate some elements first, then the game starts. (pre-load is a must here)

    4 - My basic idea is: Every Level is built from X rooms, every level = different environment.

    Every room is individual, not connected to other room!

    5 - Pixel Art is mostly 32x32 but I will have other sizes for the backgrounds, bigger creatures, etc..

    6 - I'm building and testing my game on NW.js


    Just like the title, I'm wondering what should I choose for the best of the game and the player's experience of course.

    1. I'm curious if it will be too heavy, too slow to load all X levels (rooms) ahead in 1 big layout.


    2. Should I go for each level room will have it's own layout?

    By default I would choose each stage (room) on it's own layout, but the problem that I'm "afraid" of is... no smooth pass from stage to stage: if it's graphics transitions and MUSIC that goes on while moving to the next layout.

    I'm not even sure if it's possible in Construct 3 or not, is it?

    Current TESTS and RESULTS:

    So far from my tests I have 1 random generated room (testing room), no main menu, or other layout before that yet (I'll work on it soon) and it's loading SUPER fast, I can't even see the loading bar.

    I'm not sure if it's because of my current PC Specs, my computer isn't a super computer it's from 2013 after all but it is decent, my guess is because the game is still very light on content even that it looks reacher every time I update it.

    My Main PC SPECS:

    CPU: Intel i7-4770K 3.50 GHz

    RAM: 32 GB

    SSD: 512

    GPU: Nvidia GeFoce 980 4GB

    OS: Windows 10 64bit

    Of course, once the game will get closer to a DEMO, I will make sure to test it on other PC's but the specs above are what I'm using as I'm working on my game.

    SO... based on all the details, specific for my game:

    What would you suggest me to choose and why?

    Please consider the 2 options and tell me why should I choose the other, not just "CHOOSE THIS done" the reason is because I would love to understand.

    * Dear Ashley, if possible I would love to read your opinions since you know C3 best.

    Thanks ahead to anyone who can help in this, it will help me makes the game much better!

    WIP: 1 Room is still considered empty, more creatures, platforms and graphics will be added.

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  • Construct manages memory layout-by-layout, so the most memory-efficient way is to use separate layouts.

  • Thanks for the reply Ashley,

    What about inbetween Layouts MUSIC:

    Music that continues from: Layout 1 to Layout 2, Layout 3 etc.. is this possible?

  • Of course. Have you tried it?

  • Of course. Have you tried it?

    That's AWESOME! I would love to try it,

    But I don't really know how yet... I only messed with the Sounds for sound effects so far.

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