Spritesheet problems with C3 - how to manage them effectively?

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  • Hi everyone,

    Is there a way to deactivate the "shared" feature of spritesheets in Construct 3?

    This creates huge files and regroups object types that I don't want to regroup.

    I'm worried about this because this lacks flexibility, and my next project will allow any of the 50+ creatures to spawn on any environments.

    I'm currently trying to export my previous game Healer's Quest to C3 but I get a lot of problems with spritesheets.

    In C2, I was using a container layout regrouping many images. I understand this is bad design, and reworked it for the C3 version. I splitted the container layout into 20+ layout regrouping the objects by categories, those I need to use together on the same layout.

    I was very surprised to see that this had no effect on how the spritesheets are created.

    So I would like to know how I can manage spritesheet efficiently for this kind of games where any object can be used on any background.

    Honestly the C2 spritesheet system seems much more convenient for these games unless I'm missing something. Each object type simply has its sprite, which is what I need to achieve.

    At the moment, the memory usage for images on C3 is more than the double of the C2 version, even after doing my best to redispatch the object types on relevant layouts.

    I can't publish the game in that state, so if you have any further advice on how I need to manage spritesheets, they are welcome. (other than "create a layout for every level and put the object you need on them", as I'm ALREADY doing this, the object that are on the containers/dedicated layout are those that I may need on any of the 250+ layouts)

    May I also suggest to add a hidden option to switch the spritesheet system to the C2 one, because games exported from C2 simply cannot run if they weren't designed the C3 way.


  • have you tried changing the different spritesheet size option?

    But why do you think there is a problem with 200mb loaded memory? both phones and computers have RAMs of several GB now. in general the game will be faster and more efficient with more images loaded into ram.

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  • I tried a remote preview on an iPhone 7 and the game crashed (reloaded from the beginning) so I guess there is an out of memory problem here. Though I already had these kind of reload problems with C2 on iPhones.

    I will try reducing the size of the spritesheet, thanks for the tip!

  • 200MB of RAM should work fine. I still work on my games in Construct2 and sometimes use Construct3 to export games. 1/2 of my games have encounterd problems of this kind and while with one game it was clearly RAM issue with the others it was not ( that game was 450mb when exported from Construct2 and 700mb when exported from Construct 3 )

    Anyway For games done or started in Construct2 and imported into Construct3:

    Removing text objects solved the issue in most cases. Used sprite fonts instead.

    Sometimes images larger than 2048 caused crashes

    Unchecking preload sounds and preloading them when your loader layout shows helps with "staring at the long black screen" syndrome while things load.

    Also the fade behavior did not work properly in the pre-loader layout ( works fine in other layouts ) and I had to do my own fade in/out using events.

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