Sprites appearing twice when anchored

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  • Hi everyone,

    I am creating a game which has a top border and a bottom border on the screen. The original viewport size is 720 x 1280 in a 16:9 ratio. After reading documentation, I have set the Fullscreen mode to "Scale Outer" so that it adapts to the size needed.

    I have anchored the top row to "Top Edge: Viewport Top", and the bottom row to "Bottom Edge: Viewport Bottom" so that they should appear along the top and bottom regardless of size.

    In my project, I currently have them placed along the top and bottom of my viewport as default.

    However, when testing on my Samsung S9, it appears to "stack" the sprites like this:

    Does anybody know what a possible cause for this might be, and therefore a possible fix? I can't work out how to fix this. The top row is absolutely fine, but the bottom row (as the S9 size is slightly more than the 16:9 ratio) appears to stack.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Many thanks and take care!


  • For the bottom sprite use "Top edge: Viewport bottom" setting.

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  • For the bottom sprite use "Top edge: Viewport bottom" setting.

    Thank you for this, worked perfectly! Cheers for the quick response, take care :)

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