Spriter C3 Addon (8-16-2021 Bug fixes)

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  • First of all, I'd like to thank everyone working on Spriter!

    Anyways, in the C3 runtime, something strange happens with any images in Spriter that have their alpha setting altered.

    Notice in Spriter the arrow is set to 0%

    In C2 it works as expected.

    However, in C3 it appears to be set to additive blend mode.

    By the way I'm using self draw mode.

  • Yeah, same report I've made.

    Hi lucid, it seems there might be a regression from the last few updates you've made. The bug that you've fixed before, the opacity from the Spriter Pro editor doesn't draw in the Construct 3 runtime. Using the draw self mode.

    Let me know if you need more details. Thanks.

    Opacity isn't applied on the c3runtime, might be a bug resulting from a fix to another issue that affected the previous fix that was put into, when this first came up.

  • Hey everyone. Sorry, we're a bit behind. We've been tied up with the development of Spriter 2 and Alchemist, as well as our new Kickstarter campaign. We'd love for you to check it out (and we have a thread about it here).

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    We'll be able to get back to fixing the outstanding issues after this campaign, and we do plan for Construct 3 support for Spriter 2 and Alchemist. We have a completely new API and development plan that should allow us to develop these plugins more efficiently.

  • another bug

    in Spriter i have a image which is scaled down. Project is imported to c3 and i added a image point to Spriter's image. and then pin a c3 object to spriter image "image point 1". C3 Object is pinned over the spriter image but not in correct place. it is pinned to position like image is not scaled.

    I am not sure how to explain it. But i tried my best to explain it. My Bad English.

  • New version

    • Fixed a bug where the Construct would remove hyphens from object names, which led to the plugin crashing when it looked for the original hyphenated names

    Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I'm going to be working on outstanding bugs again over the coming weeks. Expect a couple more updates while I work through them.

  • It's great to see you back!

  • Hello, I found an error. The condition doesn't work "Position is outside padded viewport"

  • Hi again, everyone. Some fixes on the way by Monday.

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  • That's great! Thank you for the support.

  • Did a lot of great stuff with Spriter for last few months. It is truly the powerhouse of my project and it wouldn't be possible without you -_-

    Also important bug comeback report: Spriter freezes the project if I try to restart or change the layout. Would be amazing if you fixed that, because I can't implement Level Transition feature without it :)

  • XpMonster


    Thanks for your patience, everyone.

    ibiz - thanks for taking the time to send the thorough example file. That made it much quicker to find and fix the issue.

    This plugin is in beta, so use with caution. There were a lot of small refactoring changes made, so it's possible there was a breaking change I didn't catch somewhere.


    • Fixed multiple bugs that were causing unnecessary cpu usage for paused animations
    • Slight refactoring to allow for quicker performance troubleshooting in future builds
    • Fixed a bug where restarting a layout with an scml plugin could cause the layout to freeze
    • Fixed a bug where alpha values weren't applied to sprites

    luckyrawatlucky - I'm not sure what you mean. The pin C3 object doesn't have the option to use a C3 sprite image point. Do you mean pin to a Spriter action point? If so, please link a minimal project that reproduces the issue, and I will do my best to fix it ASAP.

  • This is not an issue anymore because C3 Pin behavior can now pin objects to imagepoints.

    btw i was doing it by first move object to spriter image's image point 1 and then pin.

    you can check this file

    You can now remove Pin and set options from Spriter Plugin because official Pin behavior has lots of new feature. you should check those.

  • Oh. I see luckyrawatlucky - Thanks for the example project. The pin action for Spriter 2 directly pins to the object's location automatically (instead of the relative location). This is most useful for action points, where you can set and animate an exact position you'll want the c3 object to be from within Spriter.

    I might add an option to do it with relative position in the future. The pin and set options are still needed, as a lot (maybe most) projects use the 'draw self' mode, where c3 would have no way of pinning to the virtual 'objects' within the Spriter animation.

  • Thanks for the quick fixes. I love spriter very much and believe that spriter 2 will be even better. I understand that you have a small team, but I want to ask you to release a short article on how to properly configure animation in the spriter. I would like to learn more about how it all works. For example, what to avoid when creating animations for mobile devices in order to save CPU and GPU on mobile devices. (Does the number of bones affect performance) Ashley once did this very well with the construct 3 example construct.net/en/make-games/manuals/construct-3/tips-and-guides/performance-tips.

    lucid If it's not difficult for you, make this tutorial for Spriter, it will help you avoid making errors that affect performance when creating animations.

  • ibiz

    General performance tips apply here as well.

    How large are your Spriter files?

    Each of them will consume memory. For the same reason you don't want highest resolution images & top-quality sounds in your game, you should avoid using large Spriter files. Try to avoid creating repetetive animations & use as less bones as you can.

    How large are your bones? (awkward)

    Bones are only Sprites with images. Larger images - more memory is wasted.

    Which method of export to use?

    If you need better optimization and your bones should have from little to zero customization - use individual sprite export method. (See more on the first page of this topic)

    If you're making game for desktop/consoles or want some customization - use each bone as individual sprite. (Check videos on youtube)

    That's it -_-

    So the short answer: Yes, number of bones affects the performance.

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