Spriter C3 Addon (8-16-2021 Bug fixes)

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  • Hey again everyone. Sorry for the long delay. I was able to make a lot of progress on some tough, but very cool upcoming Spriter 2 stuff. I should be able to get started on the C3 stuff by next week, hopefully sooner. Thanks for your patience.

  • New version, yall.

    Seriously, thanks for your patience. Hopefully, this fixes most of your issues.

    Let me know how it goes.



    • added support for z-elevation

    bug fixes

    • fixed a crash that happened when restarting or switching layouts
    • fixed a bug where actions or other update activity needed to be taking place in order for animation to work
    • fixed multiple z-ordering bugs
    • fixed a bug where animation blending wasn't working
  • Hi Lucid,

    Just tried the latest. Thought I'd report back on how it worked -

    The glaring new issue for me (Not seen last time) is that in my large project, when I switched to C3 there seemed to be a layering issue with all animations (spritesheet and object based) whereby the animations played absolutely fine but the constituent parts were strobing rapidly through multiple variations of layer order. Quite trippy. Caught a still image of one of the characters to illustrate.

    Strangely when I set up a blank new test file and imported one of the same animations it worked fine. Dunno what this means. Maybe the problematic animations were glitching because they were originally imported into C3 on an old version of the plugin?

    But very good news is all animations seem to run (Aside from layering) as intended, switching layouts caused no problems, and blending also causing no problems! Most of the fixes seem to be working well!

    Hope this helps. Thanks for the update, exciting to see the plugin progress!

  • Morganov Thanks for reporting back. If you'd like, please send me the project file with a link back to this thread to mailyqb@brashmonkey.com. Please also give any relevant instructions on how to see the bug taking place quickly, as well as where I might find any events that might be contributing (if you think there are any). I'll take a look and see what I can find.

  • 5-29-2019

    • Fixed more z-ordering bugs (There still isn't a supported way to change z-order in the sdk, so there are likely still issues that will be resolved when the sdk is updated. Ashley has been made aware of the missing functionality)
    • Fixed a bug where default pivot points were not being applied to animations when using separate sprites
  • is this for C3 runtime or C2 runtime ? because C3 runtime has Z-Elevation but in discription there is written (C2 runtime only for now).

  • luckyrawatlucky I didn't realize it still said that. I've updated the description, as the C3 runtime has been supported for a while now.

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  • and i was waiting for c3 runtime from a long time.

  • luckyrawatlucky I'm so sorry, I had updated this thread (and its title) back when it was updated, but I forgot that the plugin description said that. The first version with the c3 runtime was 3 months ago: construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/general-discussion-7/spriter-c3-addon-5-28-2019-130240/page-12

  • One more thing everyone. If you want fully functional z-order and reimport supported sooner, please upvote this request: construct3.ideas.aha.io/ideas/C3-I-924

  • Hi Lucid, just upvoted your request

    I was just about to ask here of how I update imported scml... I can update the scon file but is very troublesome if the updated file has new graphics... i guess it is because of this

    Also, can I update the runtime from C2 to C3 for things to work on an existing project or there is some process for that?


  • MonkeyBalls - thanks for the upvote. Yeah, updating it manually after adding graphics is very involved, and tedious to the point of being impractical. (EDIT: This is only the case when using separate sprites - if you're using self-draw mode, updating the scon file and the spritesheet image should update it) Once the sdk has the requested feature, I should be able to update the plugin to quickly support the reimport.

    You should be able to update the runtime from C2 to C3 and things just continue working. Backup your project first, just in case, and let me know if you run into any issues.

  • lucid yeah I'm getting black screen when running my project on c3 runtime =/

  • please send the project to lucidbft@brashmonkey.com and link back here

  • Do you need to have the paid spriter software version for this?

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