Sprite sheet is corrupt or too large, causes Construct 3 restart / reboot on iOS

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  • OMG this was painful. I have a Sprite object that has 50 animations with 1 frame.

    I got into my "HOME" screen after loading and the project just restarts.

    I spent DAYS figuring this out, so I eventually debugged it to my PLAYER sprite. If I delete that sprite from the HOME screen, it magically works.

    This has plagued me since my C2 days...

    Actually, it appears that my PLAYER object is too large in file size -- CAN WE PLEASE GET A NOTIFICATION ON THIS?

    I suppose it makes sense, it's like my phone is running out of memory.

    TEST: I can programmatically add the PLAYER object after 5 seconds and yep, it restarts the app!

    SOLUTION: Make smaller objects


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  • So in wake of this discovery, I decided to use the C3 "Compress images" stuff on export -- and guess what.

    My app starts.

  • Right step... But after 2 minutes of idle, the app restarts itself like before.

    This time I tried reducing the sprite size from 2000x2000 to 640x640.

    It's working. In the app for 10 minutes. Looks like we struck a balance and I hope this helps some poor soul. This took years to figure out -- Scirra please create some sort of documentation or something around resolutions / file sizes & app crashing!!!

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