Sprite Editor Issue with the arrow buttons when setting image points

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  • Anyone else experiencing issues with the x/y image point arrow buttons in the Sprite Editor?

    For a while now when I would left-click the up/down arrow buttons when changing the origin or image points, the first few clicks would go unnoticed, I had to tap it a few times before it incr/decr the number which was slightly annoying but tolerable.

    But in the last week I've noticed an even worse problem. When I left-click the arrow once and and keep the mouse pointer hovered over the arrow, it's as if I'm holding down left-click and number incr/decr really fast until I move focus off the arrow button (without clicking just a hover)

    Is this on my end or are other having this issue?

    EDIT: found a couple of differences. When I left-click in the X/Y field and put the blinking cursor in the field and then click the arrows, all is well, it incr/decr with each click. However, if I'm not currently in that field and directly go to clicking the incr/decr arrows is when it behaves like I'm doing a mouse button down.


  • Looks like a bug, must be something introduced in the latest version of chromium, as it is also affecting Edge. Firefox seems to be fine.

    I think I already fixed it, but need to try it a little bit more. Thanks for bringing it up!

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  • DiegoM good, I thought it was just me! thanks for fixing it..

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