Sprite Editor Fill just broke?

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  • all of a sudden the Sprite Editor Fill button just broke, it fills arbitrarily.

    is this happening for anyone else?

    its happening specifically when I try to change a color using fill. using r234.4

  • It works fine for me. Make sure you select the right tolerance and tick/untick "Flood fill" checkbox.

  • dop2000 you have to zoom way in, its just leaving off little pixels of the previous color.

    I just retested it and its definitely happening...using solid colors so no need for tolerance.

    I mean I use construct everyday for almost 2 years straight now and all of a sudden its doing this, so its very noticeable.

    I know the Sprite editor in general is super buggy.. but this is different.

  • it does it consistently, its really not the fill-tool that's bugged. the program is not identifying colors correctly.

    so if you use paint brush 20 size or so, and click in a few random locations, if you use eye dropper and check the value it will slightly alter the color value in random places almost as if you put some noise on your brush - but its 100 hardness and 100 opacity.

    man what's with all these bugs!? its crazy how many issues I've had at since this stable update r234. this is like the 4th bug! I keep losing time researching these things!

  • I think flood fill has always been not very accurate. It's ok for some images, but if you need good quality, you should use an external editor.

  • dop2000 no, I've been in the world of pixel art and I would have noticed this before. something is definitely bugged.

  • You can just set tolerance.

    Or from looks of it, need to file multiple issues at least.

  • Yes, it has happened to me where the fill, color selection and various other buttons/actions are not working. The only thing that I have been doing to fix it is to go to another tab and then come right back. It will work after that. I am using Chrome also, so it may be browser specific.

    By the way, this just started right after one of the updates (can't remember which one now).

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  • I noticed this a while back as well, but it mainly occurs when I try and use solid black. I've noticed that I don't get the pixelated messes when I use a few shades lighter. It's not black/black, but it's still pretty close and doesn't mess up for me. I know this is an old post, but I hope this helps.

  • yeah something broke, I never filed a bug report. That was almost a year ago. It has not changed, I just use the editor less. I can't imagine it doesn't bother people, but I guess not.

  • jobel

    What browser are you using?

  • DiegoM I've always used latest chrome

  • I see. I was asking because recently there was an issue in the bug tracker that looked very similar to what you posted.

    They were using Brave, which turns out has a bunch of features to help with online anonimity, and one of them is garbling image data in imperceptible ways. It obviously didn't play well with image processing.

    I take you don't have any chrome extensions, right?

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