Spine changing polycon Bounding Box + C3 Mesh = nice

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  • Ashley Here's another usage of the new Mesh Points w/ the C3 Spine plugin.

    I added a SpineBBoxGetPoly expression which returns poly points in JSON format of named slot/bounding box attachment. Using with C3 Sprite Mesh to creates a very accurate Collision Bounding Box in C3.

    SpineBBoxGetPoly expression returns poly points in JSON format array of named slot/bounding box attachment. Use C3 JSON object to parse and use points. The points are returned in top level JSON array [x0,y0, x1, y1,…]

    This is just a simple bbox with angles and stretches, but we could make a bounding box which actually followed the spikes on the sword, nice feature Scirra!

    The yellow / pink / blue box is a C3 Sprite w/ mesh points.

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