Speech recognition C3 example code has critical issues with usual Chrome,mobile Chrome and new Edge?

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  • Hello I exported the sample speech recognition project to this URL;


    When using mobile phone (chrome) to view this sample code, code seems to output all words twice?

    Also tested this sample code with Edge, it gives language-not-supported error?

    Normal CHROME: When loading the published sample code page 1st time it works OK; afterwards loading a page again sometimes gives random Error code: STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED. Also Edge randomly displays STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION when trying to open the page afterwards (after 1st view)

    Any ideas how to improve the sample code to work more reliable with normal Chrome and also with Mobile Phones and/or Edge?


  • If you run in to a bug or issue in Construct 3, please post it to the GitHub issue tracker here:


    You must follow the bug report guidelines or your issue will be closed without investigation.

  • This particular issue is a bug in Chrome on Android.

  • I am sorry to see that the current C3 Speech Recognition example project you have is actually broken: The exported example code crashes Chrome on Windows computers but project also does not work properly on mobile phones.. I have submitted a crash ticket to Chrome about the crash, but it seems the other bug you mentioned has been there 5 years already.

    There are clearly solutions how to fix this example project/API on your side so that Speech Recognition would work both on desktops+phones.. I just tested the following very simple js code on both my Phone and Desktop and it works well on both, the words are not repeated on mobile chrome and my desktop does not crash...


    So instead of waiting years for Chrome to fix something, you also have a choice to change your code, right?

  • It's often infeasible to work around browser issues. We don't know why or how they are going wrong, and all our existing code is there for a necessary purpose. So what could be changed? We could spend a few days making random changes and try to avoid it, but there is no guarantee we'd find a workaround, and no guarantee the workaround would actually work for everyone once established, because we don't actually understand what the problem we're trying to work around is. The only sensible thing to do is fix the underlying issue in the browser.

  • One option for you would be maybe to release the source code of your Speech Recognization as a normal c3addon plugin so we could try to fix it ourselves :)

    However, I found one post on your forums that SINGLE PHRASE mode may work better than CONTIGUOUS one, so I will give one more try for C3 to see if it can be used on our projects. Maybe this detail makes it easier for you to fix it, too.

  • I'm having this STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error crash C3 in Chrome as well but on Windows 10 when my game just runs for a short amount of time in certain layouts. I'm not sure yet why because debugging these kinds of things is virtually impossible because I'm not a programmer of C3, but I have to debug it somehow to reproduce it 100% of the time or else my bug report will just be closed immediately.

    EDIT: Reverting to the last version of Chrome might have fixed it, but now I don't have the local storage option for saving projects. Seems like in 2021 it's always something broken with any software or consoles.

  • It's intentional that the local browser save option is hidden if the browser supports local file saves (which Chrome does) and there is nothing already saved to the local browser. Too many people accidentally lost their work clearing their browser storage.

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  • How do I save something to the local browser to make it appear then? C3 currently doesn't give me the option to save to that.

  • You can't. Use local file saves instead. They are more reliable, as clearing your browser data will not erase your saved projects.

  • They take minutes at a time to save and I have to save constantly with how much C3 can sometimes crash. Saving to local browser only takes seconds and doesn't interrupt me doing work. I have never lost my project due to clearing my browser cache because even if I do, I've uploaded a backup practically every day and I always save to a project file before I clear browser cache.

    I figured out how to make the option appear anyway, so thanks for the concern but I have it handled. When I was a lot younger I already learned the hard way losing a whole project well into it due to not backing up and have never made that mistake since.

    Even if I did lose my entire project, I'd only be mad at myself for being so careless because it's not anyone's fault but mine. lol

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