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  • So I've decided to give C3 a try, my C2's license hash seems to be working fine.

    Now I see that I have discount for a month (Was $8.99 Now $4.49 first per month only) and two for a year (Was $99 Now $49.50 first per year only).

    And in the avatar menu it says that I have one special offer.

    So this raises few questions:

    Is this one special offer from which I can choose one option or is it three separate things that all can be used?

    My plan was to rent C3 for a month to see how things will go and to update some of my old projects. And, if everything goes well, rent it for a year at some later date.

    Also this "first per year only" probably means that it will be valid only for one time, but why does it show me two of this things?

    Also, I see there's an option to pay per month, but I don't see this option anywhere in the pricing section of this website.

    That'd be a nice option for a hobbyist who makes stuff only once or twice per year on his vacation from his main job.

    Because paying yearly rent for something that you'll use for few weeks per year at most doesn't sound right. It's like renting a hotel room for entire year just to stay a two week long vacation: causes nothing but frustration.

    PS: Also why my C2 ownage medal is gone o_O ?

  • I can't remember what i've had, but i used the year voucher close to the release of C3 and i don't have any vouchers left available, so it was just 1 for me. But take it with a grain of salt, i'm really not sure. Maybe they changed it in the meantime.


    Your Construct2 Medal is still there, it's just not displayed on construct.net because this website is mainly about Construct 3.

    Scirra.com = Construct 2

    Construct.net = Construct 3

    I've loaded tons of old capx from Construct 2 into Construct 3 and it always worked perfectly fine.

    The only issues that you might run into are missing plugins. A lot of REX plugins have been ported already though: wasthataddonported.surge.sh

    While some are simply no longer required.

    But i would say that it's definitely worth it to port it over.

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  • Sorry the vouchers page is a little confusing, we're re-working it! It's showing on your screen an invalid option as well (monthly). The page re-work will fix all these issues.

    The discount applies to your first payment only, this is why there are multiple options showing right now. Once you redeem one offer, the rest will be deactivated - so I'd suggest going for the annual one.

  • I'm more impressed with what seems to be a five year licence? Can we buy several years in one go?


    Rereading it, I assume this refers to the discount, not the licence!

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