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  • I know Construct 3 isn't really mean't for big teams, but for a university project I'm trying to build a game with a classmate and we're having difficulty taking turns to develop on one project. Is there a way to source control with Construct 3 or is it just not a thing? Thanks!


    Basically there are existing third party tools you can use to check in/out your project file that should work fine as long as you're not making changes simultaneously. Source control for a single file should be very straightforward.

    You can try to do it with your project saved as a folder, but the chances of things breaking catastrophically are much higher, considering how many features in Construct reference each other.

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  • It's doable.

    First off you need to use the desktop version of construct 3 and save as project files not a c3p file.

    Images, plugins, instance variables, animation frames, etc can only be changed by a single person or you will get merge conflicts.

    You can give every member of your team a different eventsheet to write events on and it will not cause conflicts

    A lot of things in the engine use incremental IDs so if you add something and someone else add something else there is a conflict and the project doesnt open anymore

    You can fix it with a text editor but it's pretty annoying

  • Ah thanks guys, For this short project given how far we are now probably not worth the pain. Would be really nice for a live multi-user editor though! I know unity and UE4 are getting a 3rd party plugin for that feature. Though I may be asking for too much :)

  • Dropbox.

    Make a shared folder.

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