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  • I added the Audio and imported the files in the Sounds folder. The sound will play as a preview, but not during the game. Thoughts??

  • ...but not during the game.

    By this, do you mean after exporting the game?

  • No sound will play when running the game in the editor or after exporting it. But it will play if I click the sound file (in the editor) and preview it.

  • What's the audio format and the size of your sound?

    Does this happen to any sound you import into the project?

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  • The original sound file is a .wav file I downloaded in an asset pack from here. I also tried another that I downloaded from a different site. They seem to import fine. I tried different bit rates also.

    File size is 24kb for the original file. If I double click the file in the editor (under the sounds folder) I get this window. The sound plays fine here but not when I run the game.

    When I add the Audio to the events I get this window, and the sound also plays here.

    I assumed I was not doing something correct in this event settings window.

    I also tried adding sounds in other places but none will play when the game is running. Thanks for the help!

  • I opened one of the tutorial project templates (the space fighter one) and copied one on the sound files into my project and it worked fine. :-/

    It must be the original files or the importing of them. Thanks again!

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