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  • Hello,

    A couple of days ago I uploaded to the Apple Store one app I had previously uploaded to the Play Store. For Android the sound worked properly, but I relized in some Iphones it seemed not be working (no sound at all) like iOS 13 and 14.

    After that, I also imported .ogg and .m4a files in C3. I uploaded to App Store again, but still two users with Iphones with iOS 13.5 are not gettin any sound.

    Any idea?


  • Make sure you don't have very short sounds (0.1s or shorter). There is a bug in IOS, when audio stops working if you try to play such sound.

  • Thanks for your answer.

    I have a couple of sounds that are 0.1s in the homepage, but the main background music should be playing before these (after 'all preloads complete'). Also these 2 small sounds must be activated after clicking a button. Besides that, in many other iOS the sound works despite these two 0.1s files.

    Isn't it a bit strange? thanks

  • Maybe it has nothing to do with your situation, but I had an issue in my game on iPhone when after playing a short sound, all other sounds stopped working.

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  • I would advise just using WebM Opus audio. It's the default Construct encodes when importing audio, and we've made sure that format can play everywhere on all platforms, so you don't need to worry about dual-encoding and codec hell.

  • Hi Ashley,

    I saw all the audio files have their 'WebM' file in the 'Sounds' folder. Do you mean I should remove the .mp3 and .m4a versions?

    Is it normal that the music does not play for a specific iOS version?


  • If you have .webm files, you don't need any other formats, so you can delete them.

    Audio should work on iOS. It's hard to say more without any more details. As far as we know it's working in thousands of projects out there.

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