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  • For the past couple of months, my editor has been off and my view of things are not as it seems when I click to preview for my game. Im not sure whats wrong with it or how to get it back to normal but I had this issue for a while now. I tried logging out and closing the browser. Turning off the whole pc, closing the project and I even updated the stables. But it seems to not work. When ever I make a new layout or project though, everything in editor is fine and my view of things is back normal.

    Same project, main layout im working on.

    Same project, new layout I made.


  • Can you point out specifically what's wrong with it? It looks fine to me.

  • The lack of grid? Select the layout in the Project panel then in the Properties on the left under Editor there's Show Grid / Snap to Grid

  • It's not the grid. It's literally the editor.


    So do you see in the pic, the empty space above within the box of the blackscreen layout? That space isn't actually "space". That layout or what happened in my editor, the alignment is off and it make things appear as though it's not fitting fully on the screen/layout or things are not "in placed" where I placed them at. An example , say I put a sprite literally in the corner of the boxed layout. The sprite, would appear to be lowered down out of the corner, even though it's literally still in the corner. If I previewed the layout, in preview, it would show that the sprite is in the corner as I placed it to be still. But in normal layout editor, it would "appeared" to be moved down out of the corner even though it is in the corner still. if you understand what im trying to explain. So basically, the alignment of objects and layout is off and making things appear "out of place" when they are not out of placed at all.

  • are your video card drivers up to date? usually that is the issue with most graphic issues like that.

  • Maybe the sprite's Z elevation or any 3D changes.

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  • Im not sure what it is, but I just know it's off. I don't know how to check for video card driver either. I have updated to the latest release stable but it didn't get things back normal. And im not using any z elevation or 3D for the project. This been happening for months before the Z elevation and 3D release stuff came out that I known about. I guess I will just have to make due of it.

  • Interesting. Check your layer's parallax settings and make sure that the option Parallax in editor is disabled. Check the Z-settings also as mentioned. Have you tried opening the project in a different browser or on a different machine? What are the results?

    You can post your project file here if you want others to take a look at it. If you don't want to post it publicly you can email it to me at (myusername) and I'll have a look.

  • does this happen on all projects or just the one you are working on?

  • Its been happening to some of my other projects too. If I don't work on them for a while, the layout goes back to normal, but once I start working on them they start to go off again. Even my newest projects will start doing that. It will be normal and then after a while, the layout/editor starts to mess up and make things look off. I will send it through email to Claimthenight once I get off work and see if it's normal in your editor.

  • sounds like it has something to do with your system, I highly doubt its something in your project file.

    are you using Chrome? is Chrome set to update automatically?

    Find out what graphics card you have and go to their website, search for driver updates and install - How old is the system? if its older this is most likely the culprit.

  • jobel

    Hey you were right! I use google chrome when I work in construct. I updated my google chrome and my project alignments or view of things went back normal!

    Thanks everyone for the help and figuring this out with me.

  • that's a relief, I hate when weird stuff like that happens... I had some similar types of issues that persisted for many months, only to discover it was some simple thing I had to do...

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