Something changed on Arrays??

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  • Since today I noticed that when I open an array through the Files / Arrays folder in the project bar, the .json file opens with the array data on text and a little window with the array editor opens too.

    But before what would happen is that only the array editor, with the columns and rows, would open.

    But I don't remind seeing any change about this in the last versions release notes (I'm using r134 beta).

    Also, there is a issue that when I insert some data in the array editor, the engine will ignore it and when I debug the game the array doesn't have the data I just inserted, but if I insert the data in the .json as text it will load normally.

    What's happening? Are this happening with you too, the .json opening instead of the editor? And if not, why would this be happening in my c3 and how could I fix it?

    I thank you in advance for the help.


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  • Hi it sounds like the data editor is experiencing some issues opening that array, and is attempting to fallback to the text editor.

    Could you file a bug report for me with a project that reproduces the issue?

  • Hi Nepeo , thanks for the help.

    Apparently it was happening only with that array. Strange right? I just cloned the defective array and deleted him keeping his clone and the editor is opening normally.

    Thanks again for the support :)

  • Nepeo , that's happening frequently. Often when I open C3 the array is opened as text with the editor in a little separated window.

    Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce the issue in a pseudo-project to file a bug report for you but I think it is somehow useful information to let you know.

    I just duplicate the array with the issue and delete him using the new one instead and everything works fine. Sometimes when I duplicate the array, the new array is created with the same issue. It's strange.

  • are you perhaps using import to replace the array files, or otherwise modifying the array files outside of the editor?

    I think the array editor may be experiencing a mis-match between the uistate data and the dimensions of the array.

  • are you perhaps using import to replace the array files, or otherwise modifying the array files outside of the editor?

    Nepeo , no and no. It's not a serious issue though, since I can easily fix it, and it doesn't happen every time. But here's a screenshot (with hidden data) of how the array is opened.

  • I'm fairly confident of where it is failing, but I don't have a reproduction to test it. I'll put in a patch which I hope will fix the problem in the next release, if it's still happening after that then let me know.

  • Thanks Nepeo , that's one of the whys I am glad to be part of this community :)

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