[SOLVED] System expression 'ImageLoadingProgress' does not work

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  • Hey, anybody having the same issue? ImageLoadingProgress always returning 1. It doesn't show progression.

    I'm firing the 'Load layout images' action and it does load them correctly. It's just that the 'ImageLoadingProgress' expression only returns 1. Ultimately it's just for cosmetic purposes as I wanted to display to the user a loading bar feedback. But anyways, wanted to know if it happens only on my end or should I file a bug.

  • I haven't tested, but I would assume its set to use 0 to 1 as its values.

    You are probably only seeing one because local load times will be near instantaneous.

  • Hm, I'll try testing the project on a live environment.

    But adding up some more information, the expression 'LoadingProgress' for Loader Layouts is incrementing as it's supposed to behave. I know they are two different expressions but they sort of do the same thing. So, I don't know if the problem is due to running the project locally.

    *Edit: Tested and it's the same. Checked the 'ImageLoadingProgress' on every tick and it just starts and continues at 1. Also added 'Wait for previous action' and I can clearly notice a delay, meaning the system is indeed loading the images. Only the expression doesn't return its current progress.

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  • Please file a bug report.

    I used the expression in a previous project, and it did work and display loading as it progressed.

    It returns a value from 0 to 1, incrementing based on the various spritesheets being loaded I believe. If your project only contains 1 spritesheet, it is possible that only a single update of the value happens.

  • I'd also point out that if it loads very quickly, it is correct that it would only be set to the value 1, since it will have finished loading before you read the value for the first time.

  • Thank you so much guys! Got it working now!

    It turned out that I was loading an intermediary layout (my custom loading screen) and then immediately triggering the image loading actions on start of layout. Adding a 'Wait 0 seconds' to wait for the end of frame did the trick.

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