(solved) Hi guys, I am in dire need of help here. :-/

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  • (solved problem)

    My latest project save on the cloud corrupted my file for reasons I do not know.

    When I try to open the file it says 'project saved with future release of C3' - even if I enable beta tests it just says it cannot open the file?

    It is a long time since I made a backup file of my project, so I am a little broken on the though of making it all over again.

    Can I find auto backups in C3?

    Thanks. Mikkel

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  • You should make back ups. Do you definitely have the latest version of C3 installed, if so what version? Also there's a chance it's not properly installed due to browser or cache issues. Share the file maybe someone can open it. Worst case maybe Ashley can attempt to recover it.

  • It is almost a full game now and I would be a little sorry to let it out to the public now. What favor can I do for Sir Ashley to let him have a look at it? :)

    Btw, I guess my C3 is automatically or did I miss something?


  • Just saying you may have saved it on a beta on one device and now you are on stable, what version is it showing? I didn't see that error before so I am just going off that. You can bring Ashley to the post, he might be able to recover something. Also it's a full game and you don't have back ups?

  • The "project saved with future release of C3" message appears if you do something like save a project in r150 and then try to open it in r148. That's normal.

    If you get a different error opening your project in the latest release then you can email it to ashleygkk@scirra.com and I'll see if it can be recovered. However I must warn you:

    - it's not always possible (it might be unrecoverable)

    - you should keep regular backups anyway

    - if a Construct bug caused a project corruption, we cannot fix the problem that did this (so it might happen again) unless we have a full bug report, including steps to reproduce etc.

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