[Solved] Colour / Color picker on Android?

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  • Im checking C3 on a Sony Z1 compact (with a 4.3 in screen)

    and a Moto G4 (with a 5.5 in screen) (i'm stating this as I thought it may be a screen size thing)

    and I cant find the colour picker in the sprite editor ?

    am I being a dumb ass?

  • It should show up if you swipe in from the left of the screen.

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  • It should show up if you swipe in from the left of the screen.

    yes I did swipe and you get animation properties......BUT

    heyyy..I found the secret..

    ....you have to double swipe...... fist swipe is animation properties ..... second swipe is colour....

    OK ...sort of nice design guys ... and I notice that there are 3rd and 4th swipes in some places.....

    but totally not obvious...you need to put some UI indication that there is a second / third menu for second / thirds swipes etc

    actually I am thinking it should be context based when feasible eg if I am picking the fill or draw actions then the colour picker should come up on the first swipe.

    anyway whatever but there needs to be some indication that there is a second / third ... swipe menu,

    maybe even an indication that there is a first swipe menu also.... like a little arrow or tab blade on the side or something....

    I think going to claim >not dumb< on this occasion......

  • Those are valid points.

    I have another issue to work with relating to the mobile UI of the image editor, so I will implement something that addresses those problems while I am at it

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