[SOLVED] C3 Support for Firefox ESR

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  • Just found out that exported HTML projects don't work in Firefox ESR. The viewport just remains black. Exporting with C2 runtime works, but C3 support would be very appreciated. Is this possible? Or at least some sort of error message that this browser is not supported?

  • It ought to work OK in the latest Firefox ESR (version 60). Which version are you testing with? Are there any errors in the console? (Press Ctrl+Shift+K to open it)

  • It's version 60.3.0esr (32-Bit) which should be the latest. OS is Windows 7.

    The console says:

    Error: fetch 'https://beluga-online.de/181203/data.json' response returned 401 Unauthorized c3runtime.js:2:97606

    The problem appears just in Firefox ESR. Normal Firefox and all other browsers work fine. Also, it works with c2runtime without problems.

    Maybe has to do with the htaccess protection of the page? If you want to look by yourself I can send you the password.

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  • Well, I don't think that's anything to do with Construct - the server is refusing to serve a file. So it's probably something to do with the host.

  • But why it's working with c2runtime? And with c3runtime in all other browsers? By the way: there is no file "data.json" in my project. Pretty weird.


    Just saw that the export with c3runtime contains a file named 'data.json' but the export with c2runtime does not.

  • Did you export with a different runtime to the same URL? It might be a caching issue. Try clearing the cache or publishing to a different URL. Other than that, in general Construct is not responsible for a failed server response, that would be something to investigate on the host.

  • I did all of that. For hours and hours. Otherwise I wouldn't bother anybody here with my problem. But thanks anyway and sorry for inconvenience.

  • Just in case anybody is interested: The problem is solved now. Problem was the .htaccess protection for the folder. What exactly is the reason why this just occurs in Firefox ESR is still unclear, but C3 is not responsible - it works fine with ESR and all other browsers.

    As a workaround I use a layout with a Textinput to check a password, which is sufficient for this purpose.

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