Any solution of installing many 3rd party plugins?

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  • Ashley

    Here was the suggestion of official 3rd party plugins manager/store (central database) in suggestion platform, post at 3 months ago.

    But there was no official comment of this suggestion, only "No status".

    What's the plan of 3rd-part addon repo?

    It is important for c3 users, imo. For example, a c2 project might have more then 50 3rd-party addons. User will

    1. download them one by one, 50 times (or more)

    2. install them one by one, 50 times (or more)

    When the cache of browser has been cleaned, user should repeat these two steps again. It's annoying.

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    Just Do it Scirra!

  • Third party plugins are small programs that are added into your web browser to provide additional functionality (such as search bars or easy access to your email). Sometimes they may interfere in the operation of other websites or conflict with other plugins that are installed. To disable third party plug-ins, please ...

  • We've always wanted to do this, we've just never had the resources to. We're a small team, and there's always other work to be done - everything from developing other new services to maintaining payment systems to working on internal tools, etc. etc. I really would love to just click my fingers and have it done but sadly life is more complicated than that. Our focus for this year is to start migrating everything on over to which is a huge project and will probably tie us up for quite a while. As I said we still want to do an official plugin database, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

  • Ashley

    You should list it on a priority TODO list ( or a road map ). I only saw this "most popular" suggestion without any feedback, I assumed that this suggestion platform was deserted.

    Back to this issue, currently the install dialog only could select one file, a possible solution is allowing multiple files selecting to install many plugins in a few clicks.

  • Usually I get several people a day telling me different things should be our top priority, and they're all different. When everything's a priority, nothing is. It's difficult to prioritise things, I wrote a bit about the considerations in the feature suggestions guidelines. There are dozens of things I'd love to do, we can't possibly do them all, and even the ones we do choose we can't have done instantly. It all takes a long time to develop and test, and every feature as a small long-term overhead of continued maintenance as well. So we have to be a bit ruthless about how we prioritise.

  • Ashley

    One task with height priority , the others with low priority are better then "no-state", at least users will know the current direction of c3.

  • I have no idea when we will be able to work on it. What status should I assign to it in this case? "I like it but we might not do it for ages"?

  • Ashley Maybe we can try to crowdfund this to add more resource.

  • There's no reason somebody couldn't do a third party repository.

  • newt

    Repo tool only solved problem of downloading addons, but it could not install multiple addons. Now user only could add addons one by one manually.

  • newt

    Repo tool only solved problem of downloading addons, but it could not install multiple addons. Now user only could add addons one by one manually.

    Well it wouldn't be especially hard to make a web based repository that could bundle multiple plugs, or behaviors together.

    That would work out fairly well for C2, but yeah, not for C3.

    Maybe if Scirra made some addition to allow the user to point his, or her editor at the url of a repo.

    Github would make a lot of sense here.

  • it wouldn\t be too hard (shouldn't be) to make a macro / add-on for chrome to handle this. it would be kludgey, but faster than waiting for something official

  • bilgekaan - it's not about needing money to do it, it's more about who will write it, when, how it's managed, and how it's scheduled with everything else. Time is the bottleneck here.

    "Ability to install multiple addons at once" could be submitted to the feature request platform. It's certainly a smaller feature than making a whole online addon service.

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