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  • Hi to everyone!

    I want to take a snapshot of current layout in order to use it as background for a menu, when the user clicks to go to the menu.

    So, I do System -> Take snapshot of canvas, wait action to complete and then, go to "menu layout". There, On start of layout -> set background image from url "CanvasSnapshot". (Just like Construct's example at start page.)

    On desktop, this procedure in my project works fine, without any delay. Also when I preview your example both on desktop or mobile (android), it works fine, too.

    But... when I run my project on android, it takes 3-4 seconds in order to take the snapshot before going to next layout. What is responsible for this delay? Is there something I can do in order to reduce the delay of taking a snapshot?

    See this example:

    (It is construct's Space Blaster, with a snapshot button added in order to show you what I mean. On desktop works fine, on android not)

    Thank you very much!


  • I have exactly the same issue. It seems like a very long delay (3-4 seconds). Setting the JPEG quality to 0 has no affect on the speed either.

    Did you find an answer?

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  • I think this is a Chrome bug, either (fixed) or (in progress).

  • Try to disable any physics, particles, sine behavior etc, and then take the screenshot. It worked for me this way.

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